When life or dreams get rough lean in and endure the pain because nothing lasts forever..



Author: Charlie Ford

Im a Louisiana Native Born in Shreveport Louisiana. I would give you a complete run down of my personal life but thats exactly what it is Personal. So instead I would like you to know how I am. As a young kid growing up in the poverty infested Plain Dealing Louisiana i was raised by a strong single mother with a brother and sister. with what she had to work with and where we lived my mother did the best she could. Being a single mother raising 3 kids was hard. as time went on i never knew my mother to not even have a boyfriend. I use to hear my mother in the other room either praying, or crying. As a smart young child i took notice to my mother hard times so i picked up a skill of cutting hair and every chance i got to give her money to help I would. As time passed and we struggled as a small family I excelled in sports but not no where as good as my brother him becoming All District and All State we just knew someday he would enter the league and all our poverty life style would be behind us but unfortunately my brother suffered a ruptured spline injury during one of his most important games, which crushed his dreams of someday playing professionally.This set back for him really took a toll in his way if thinking and made him depressed he went on to graduate High school but his chances was gone for good. At that point i made a choice to do music full time becausr music has always been my main focus. Even as a kid i always wanted to entertain the family with a drawing or a poem or even show them i could read and understand words that they had no idea what it ment. so me and a couple of friends started a group called GHETTO HARD YOUNGINS. We got our buggest break in Marshall Texas on a 4th of July concert with Tyrone Davis. Being under a engineer who was close friends with Dj Quick out of California we was destined to do something great. After years of performing doing different mixtapes, Albums, and shows we found out real quick this is not a easy business but i was willing to do anything to get a shot in front of the right people at the right time. But as i write this about me its evident that it never happened either. I recently sent in a Video to the Fabulous K Michelle so please to all of you who read this please say a prayer for me. I can go on and on about my life but another time another place. Peace and love to all of you. "One man can never know to much about his own Destiny if he did it wouldnt be no reason for living because everyday is a Suprise, a blessing, a gift from GOD" looking forward to talking to you all. Charlie

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